Extended Market Hours for all Robinhood users!

Extended Market Hours for all Robinhood users!
You read that correctly! Robinhood just announced that now everyone who uses there platform will be able to trade pre-market and after hours, for free.

So traditionally the normal market trading hours are from 9:30 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST. Extended hours trading means that you can trade 30 minutes before markets open and 2 hours after they close, or from 9:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST. This is great news for everyone currently on the Robinhood platform!

Key Advantages

Being able to trade after hours means that you can take advantage of earnings announcements that take place. As a recent example, during Tesla's earnings call yesterday they had a very positive outlook for their future and saw considerable growth. Due to the overall positive news during after hours trading that day and into pre-market for the next day the stock increased by more than 10%! 

Being able to trade before and after normal market hours allows you to capitalize on these opportunities. AND this allows you to get into a position before normal markets open. TSLA is now sitting just under $350 or about 18% gains in less than 2 days. 

Utilizing these extended trading hours can help give you an edge and make sure you buy in at the entry point you want. We've all had it happen before, you know where you want to buy in at and you're waiting for the order to fill as markets open, but instead the price climbs and you're left missing out on the gains. 

Hopefully now all of you Robinhood users will be able to take advantage of this! Robinhood still has some issues here and there as many of you know, but extended market hours for all users is just one more reason to consider using the platform.

Hustle hard everyone!
- Nick

Nick Benko
"Hustle Hard. Stay Humble."