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Welcome to the Stock Market Growth Challenge!
This challenge is designed for those of you under the PDT rule that have account values around the $1,000-$3,000 range. You can have more or less than that though! We are going to be focusing on quality trades and short term swing trades. Lets jump into it!

The stock market growth challenge 2018
Start: $3,000
Target weekly/monthly: 5%/20%
Desired Trades: 2 a week
Margin ≥ 7% profit
No down patterns

My starting balance with this challenge will be $3,000. If you have less or more than $3,000 that's fine! I have created an excel file to help you track your progress weekly and monthly and I'll show you how to download that later in the blog post. You can adjust the excel file based on your starting balance. Weekly my target percentage growth is going to be 5% with a monthly goal of 20%.

Here's where compounding interest comes in. Say you start with $3,000 and you consistently week after week are making 5%.

Week 1: $3,150
Week 2: $3,307.50
Week 3: $3,472.87
Week 4: $3,646.52
Week 8: $4,432.37
Week 16: $6,548.62
Week 17: $6,876.05

After the first week and hitting the target 5% interest, the new balance is $3,150. Not bad! If we keep this up though and stick to 2 quality trades a week, by week 16 our new balance would be $6,548.62. We have more than doubled our starting principal of $3,000. On top of that when we continue this 5% growth into week 17 we now grew our account by $327 in one week! This is just an example to show you how powerful compounding interest can be and how with consistency you can see big returns.

Here are some of the restrictions though for this challenge. You can make no more than 2 trades weekly. We want to be minimizing the number of trades we make overall. You are under the PDT rule so you need to be focusing on quality trades. This challenge is here to show you that you can still be under the PDT rule and grow your account. If you can't grow your account it's because you're not focusing on quality trades.

With that weekly target of 5% all the trades I make need to offer at least a 7% margin of profit so that I can achieve my weekly 5% goal. Not all trades are going to be perfect. Making sure that we are focusing on quality stocks and making educated trades will help us achieve those weekly goals.

Tracking Our Progress:

If you are already part of the Techbuds Facebook Page then you can easily download the excel file to track your progress. Use the search bar on the Facebook page and search "$3,000 Growth Plan File". If you are part of the Techbuds Discord or the LPP Discord there are new channels for this challenge as well where you can find the file.

You can adjust in the excel file what your starting principal will be. This will change the 12 month target so you can get an idea of what it's possible to achieve with consistent quality trades.
If 5% is too much for you weekly then adjust it to maybe 2%-3%. We are focusing on quality quality quality trades so better to be consistent than make a bad trade trying to overstretch what you are capable of. Each week you can track your percentage growth on the file and then monthly you can track your account position. The graph will update as well to track your progress to the overall goal you have set. 

This excel file is meant to be an asset to you to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals, but also to help you focus on quality trades to hit those weekly and monthly percentage goals. We want to create a solid structure for ourselves to create success. 

Use the Discord channels to post your weekly progress! I would love to share some of the members killing this challenge! 


  1. Hi Ricky .
    Great stuff . I have just one question . What leverage you are using on your trades ? I am based in UK and recently introduced rules are shares max leverage to be 1:5 .
    Is it possible to achieve 5 % weekly growth with that leverage in your opinion ??
    Regards from UK .

    1. Hi, I am also from the UK. If youre trading shares with leverage then you are probably trading CFD's (contract for Difference). Ricky trades equities, which means he owns the underlying stock, so doesnt trade with leverage. you can still make 5% a trade without leverage. Take a look at UGAZ, GUSH, IQ e.t.c

  2. Hi, and I am from UK. Which broker do you use? Now I use plus500 and there no UGAZ and GUSH

    1. check out, (simalar to Robinhood).

  3. I am very excited for all of this. As of today I just finished your course and I learned a lot! Now it's time to practice using TOS because I can't use any information that I learned if I can't use the program! Thanks fort all of the help Ricky!

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