Ripples Insane Moves and What's behind it

Ripple, also known as XRP has gone up thousands of percents in the last couple of months, and many think that it has the potential to go up at least another few thousand percent in the next few months.  Below is a chart showing how the market cap and price of Ripple have been changing over the past month.  At the beginning of December, the price was under $0.25 and is now above $3.00.   

In addition, Ripple has become the second highest market cap coin in the world, following bitcoin.  At the moment, January 6, 2018, Ripples market cap is just below 120 million and bitcoins is 287 million.  Unlike many other cryptocurrecies, Ripple is much more centralized.  70% of it is owned by banks, leaving only 30% available for the public to buy.  However, there are still plenty coins for the average crypto investor since there is a total supply of 100 billion XRP coins.  

You may be wondering what has lead to this drastic price increase in the price of Ripple.  The main reason is because of how usable the currency is becoming.  It is becoming excepted by many banks in the Japan, Korea, and the United States.  In addition to banks, ripple is also being experimented with by large companies like American Express.  

Should you buy Ripple? 
Many people consider it one of the safer cryptocurrencies, and many even simply call it a digital currency because of how centralized it is.  Generally, it stabilizes at a specific price level, then spikes up and finds a new level to stabilize at.  This pattern has been fairly consist and seems like it will hold true into the future.  That being said, many hardcore cryto fans don't like ripple because it doesn't accomplish what other cryptos, like bitcoin do, circumventing the banking system.